Pictures From Tournaments

January 1998: World Cup Challenge & Giant Jackpot; Istanbul

How do you feel when, at the end of a long week of serious backgammon coupled with poor sleep and indigestion, you lose a match for $50,000 and then another one for (in effect) $13,000? Not too bad!
This is more a report and log than just a bunch of pictures, it's getting there at least. I have to be careful it doesn't start to feel like work... 

November 1997: Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas

A first: Winslow SHOWS A PROFIT in Las Vegas. All I had to do was beat Malcolm "M'Boy" Davis and Mike "Ya Brudduh" Senkiewicz -- which I did, before losing a close one to Doug Mayfield (who then lost to Bob Glass).
I'm slowly getting the hang of Netscape Composer, so there are actually comments to some new pictures.

Labor Day Weekend 1997: Indianapolis

Photos of some of the winners: Frank Frigo beat (I think) David Wells in the Masters, Doug Roberts beat Peter Kalba in the Main, etc. etc.
But the main star of this tournament is the hotel. At least from a pictorial point of view! :-) 

February 1997: Pittsburgh

Still NO ABT Points

Going for another zero-point year. And I lost in every chouette during the tournament, too! (But fortunately the Bank of Dean was open before and after...) 

January 1997: Istanbul

The Big Event Of The Year So Far!

October-November 1996: Brazil!

San Francisco invades South America

1996: Yamin Yamin's Illinois Open & America Cup

Malcolm Davis won again

December 1996: New York City: Ace Point Inaugural

20 Year reunion or something...