Ace Point Inaugural Tournament

Meet The New Club (*not* the same as the old club!)

Last tournament of the year! Won by Mel Rappoport, who I've never heard of, but I'm told he was an old Mayfair club player. (For those of you that have no history, the Mayfair Bridge Club was the scene of the backgammon theory revolution of the 1970s. I'll try to have a file of pictures of those guys some time...)

Many of the old stars showed up, as well as some of the new players. Typical of New York, there are some people that play backgammon at the highest level who have never left the City limits...

Simon Naim, Chuckie Papazian

Alan Martin

Alan Martin

Kathryn = tinker!!!!! ;>

Martha Ghio

Mike Senkiewicz

Kathryn and the Steffens